Solve Kitchen Storage Problems with Space-Saving Base Cabinets

 The well-planned kitchen starts with the right base.

Base cabinets do the heavy lifting in the kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, they hold up countertops, sinks, and appliances while storing hundreds of household items. If appropriately organized, base cabinets can transform your space and make it super functional.

Here are 15 popular functions to consider for your base units:

STORAGE DRAWERS| Storage drawers are great for pots, pans, mixing bowls, and containers. Furthermore, compared to pullout shelves, drawers take one step to access whereas rollouts require you to open the doors and then pull out the shelves. Additionally, if the door isn’t fully open, you could scrape the shelf on the inside of the door. For this reason, we like drawers. Plus, they hold more.

Pullout kitchen cabinet drawers
A kitchen cabinet base is generally 24″ deep x 34 1/2″ tall. Add drawers supported by Blum full extension, soft close slides and neatly store pots, pans and utensils.

PULLOUT TRAYS| Pullouts are ideal for pantries where you store various sized foods from short spice bottles to tall oils. Moreover, under-sink pullouts can accommodate pipes so there’s room for cleaning supplies beneath the plumbing. Additionally, pullouts give better access to items stored in the back.

Pullouts give better access to items stored in the back

SPICE RACK PULLOUTS| Spices and oils are cooking staples you want close at hand and easily located. Additionally, skinny spaces around the stove are ideal for deep pullouts that allow you to line up regularly used flavorings. Moreover, between-cabinet pullouts where there’s 3” or 6” of free space also conveniently accommodate pullouts for spices.

UTENSIL STORAGE PULLOUTS| Stand-up containers could be your solution if you’re tired of digging through utensil drawers. They glide on BLUMOTION soft-close slides and offer easy-access storage for spoons and spatulas. Additionally, knife blocks can be incorporated too if needed. We’ve also installed these units in bathroom pullouts to store curling irons and blow dryers. Moreover, silverware drawers can come with wood dividers to match drawer interiors.

DRAWER PEG SYSTEM| Organize your plates in deep drawers with a wood peg system that holds your items neatly. Additionally, they’re adjustable and easy to use.

COOKIE SHEET OR CUTTING BOARD DIVIDERS| Often stored in the upper cabinet above the refrigerator, cookie sheet storage can be placed in base cabinets or drawers. Moreover, your dividers can be wood to match inside the box or wire frames fixed in place.

TRASH & RECYCLING CENTERS| Hide unsightly waste in pullouts that effortlessly glide out and fully extend to store trash and recycling bins. Furthermore, ask our designer about additional storage configurations if you need more than two bins.

MIXER LIFT| Mixers can take up much needed counter space and are rather heavy. So store them in a base unit with a heavy-duty lift that pulls out and lifts easily for using right on the stand. Additionally, drawers are preferred unless you store bigger items like recycling bins, mixers, and crockpots.

Drawers are preferred unless you’re storing bigger items like recycling bins, mixers and crockpots

CORNER DRAWERS| Corner drawers have gained popularity in a space usually left for the Lazy Susan. Additionally, they’re easier to access and hold many items within a stack of 3 drawers.

LAZY SUSAN| It seems you either love or hate them. Consider a few alternatives if you find them annoying because things always fall off. For one, adjustable shelves are a simple solution and can be repositioned as needed. Corner recycling centers are great if you want easy-access recycling with three bins. Additionally, Super Susan is another option with two fixed shelves with a single Lazy Susan tray that spins independently without a center pole. Then there’s the Not So Lazy Susan by Rev-A-Shelf for hanging pots and pans in the corner cabinet. Plus, there’s room below for storing lids.

SUPER CABINETS| As the name implies, these cabinets are high performers because they’re equipped with adjustable pullouts, wire racking, and door storage. Additionally, Rev-A-shelf specializes in organizational solutions for your base cabinets. Ask us to see a catalog or visit Rev-A-Shelf online to have us incorporate the latest accessories into your base units.

FILE DRAWERS| Access important papers with an integrated file draw in your kitchen, office, or base cabinet anywhere.

Islands give more access to seating, storage and workspace

KITCHEN ISLANDS| These are great for seating, storage, and food prep. They can house microwave units, microwave drawers, beverage coolers, sinks, cooktops, and other extra appliances. Moreover, they’re also stylish when designed with architectural pilasters, decorative end panels, display shelves, or waterfall edges. They’re constructed with two or three base cabinets and covered with the countertop of your choice. Additionally, if your space allows, islands make the perfect kitchen centerpiece.

SEATING| Low profile drawer bases can be used to create window seating, booth seating or breakfast nooks complete with storage.

LAUNDRY HAMPER PULLOUTS| In the bathroom or laundry room, hampers stored inside cabinets are ideal for tidiness and quick access.

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