What Height is Right? Comfort Height Bathroom Vanities Reach 36” Tall

Bathroom vanities in today’s custom cabinets

If you haven’t done a bathroom remodel in years, you’ll notice that vanities have gotten taller. They used to be around 32″ tall, and now they’re 36″ to match the height of kitchen countertops. This additional height looks more modern and offers extra storage space. While a taller vanity also makes for a better ergonomic experience for taller folks, there are a few things to consider so you get the height that’s right for you.

How tall is your household?

Comfort height is currently the popular choice for most adults. However, if your family is on the shorter side, you may not like using taller units. Talk to your cabinetmaker who can help you determine the right height. Keep in mind that you can install standard height vanities (32″) for the kid’s bathroom to make hand washing easier for them.

Are you installing a vessel sink?

With so many attractive choices in the marketplace, vessel sinks can add lots of intrigue to your bathroom remodel. These sinks typically are 5-6” tall so the comfort height of your vanity with a countertop should be around 29-30” tall.

What’s your bathroom remodeling budget?

If you’re going from a 32” bathroom vanity to a 36” one, plumbing and outlets may have to be reconfigured and replaced.

Considering a floating vanity?

A cool custom feature popping up in modern bathrooms and powder rooms is the floating vanity where the cabinet is anchored to the wall. It doesn’t extend to the floor like a standard vanity so it creates the illusion of floating in space. And with undercabinet lighting, it creates a fascinating glowing ambiance. Interior designers love them for their contemporary flair. You’ll appreciate how much easier clean-up is without the nooks and crannies that hide dirt. It’s important to note that if little climbers live in your house, you may not want them hanging on a floating sink.


Comfort height vanities decrease back strain from stooping over the sink. Once you’re accustomed to the added height, you’ll be able to tell the difference and probably won’t opt for the old standard again.


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