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What You Should Have in the Home if You’re Over 35

May 13, 2016

By this age, homeowners are thinking more seriously about improving the appearance of their dwellings. They’re focusing on sought-after features like granite countertops, master bathroom suites and walk-in closets.

Many of the upgrades that get the most attention exist in the kitchen where much of the action happens. People are willing to pay extra for anything that stands up to daily wear and tear while still looking like a million bucks. Take stone countertops, for example, it’s hard to beat the beauty and durability of the real thing. Add in maintenance free living with quartz and you’ve got a must-have amenity.

The National Association of Realtors reported that home buyers will pay extra for features including kitchen islands, ensuite master baths, master bedroom walk-in closets and granite countertops.


Kitchen islands, according to the NAR study, are important to people ages 35 to 54 because they provide additional space for food preparation, storage and seating. Additionally, islands can serve as a focal point with furniture like features that lend character and elegance to the kitchen.



When it comes to master bathrooms, the study showed that 49% of homebuyers are willing to pay over $2,000 more to get a bathroom that offers options. A beautiful vanity with double sinks and linen cabinets increase flow and functionality. Top it off with beautiful quartz countertops that are easy to clean and stand up to bathroom busyness.

NEWMasterBath_7060950_closeup WALK-IN CLOSETS

Up to 60% of homeowners will pay more to get the convenience of added storage and organization from walk-in closets. The study even sites that there’s a perceived status symbol with these customizable spaces. Think of the Heineken TV commercial where the gal shows off her fabulous walk-in closet that triggers screams of envious delight from her friends. Of course, the men have a similar reaction to the walk-in refrigerator, which also reinforces the favorability of custom kitchens…and beer. Men love their cold beer.



Granite countertops, or stone in general, seem to say “I’ve made it, baby! I’ve worked hard and deserve to have a beautiful, low-maintenance sparkling slab in my room.” At least 55% of the folks surveyed will pay more for granite in the kitchen. Other stones like quartz also fall into the high desire category. Cambria, a family owned American made company, developed a way to produce quartz slabs that resemble granite with its depth of character, veining and unique patterns. Other pluses: scratch resistant, no sealing or polishing, and nonporous so spills and harmful bacteria are not absorbed.