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Is a Custom Kitchen Your Dream Kitchen?

March 29, 2014

Have you ever fallen in love with the look and feel of a kitchen featured in a magazine or TV show? Chances are it’s the style and charm that captured your affection.

Creating a space that makes you feel special, unique and valuable is a worthy goal. Custom cabinetry has a way of doing just that. It’s made to fit you, your home and your lifestyle. Skilled craftsmen take careful steps to make sure your cabinetry fit perfectly and echo that beloved picture you have in mind.

Custom cabinets meet your expectations because they don’t limit your dreams. Compared to stock cabinets, custom comes without limitations. For example, many stock cabinets are factory made in standard sizes. Custom cabinetry fit the exact space you need, regardless of height, depth and width. No fillers required.


Another important difference between stock and custom are the options. These are the delightful characteristics that make your kitchen like no other. Custom cabinets are offered in an array materials, finishes, hardware and accessories.

Let’s say you want rustic cherry cabinets, a decorative walnut island and a butter yellow armoire pantry to reflect your love of French Provincial design. Not a problem for a custom cabinetmaker.

With all this flexibility in construction, you may think custom cabinets are out of your price range, but not so. When you compare “apples to apples,” you’re generally getting a stronger, more valuable product that stands the tests of time. Factor in quality and options and custom cabinetry gives you more for your money and increases the value of your home.

Moreover, custom cabinetry brings to life that vision you’ve been dreaming about.