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Remodeling Your Kitchen

March 16, 2012

Customer Melissa  Mittelsteadt and her Custom Cabinets in Central Wisconsin

When did you realize that you needed to remodel your kitchen?

We realized the need for a new kitchen before we bought our house. We bought our house when we started our family and knew that we’d eventually change things about it. We both had issues with the kitchen. My husband hated the tile and I hated the cabinets. In our   previous home we remodeled the kitchen (with Swita Cabinetry, of course.) The wood was Maple and the style was Shaker. The hardest thing about moving was leaving the kitchen behind.

What elements were a must in your new kitchen?

The elements we both considered a must-have were cherry wood cabinets, updated hardware, stainless steel appliances, functional space, new flooring, backsplash and counter tops. We wanted something that was warm, inviting, and classy looking.

Are you happy with your new appliances?

I am very happy with my Kitchenaid appliances. Updated appliances are wonderful, especially the quieter dishwasher. With our previous one you couldn't hear the TV. Now we open the new one while it’s running just to check if it’s on.

How did you decide on a quartz countertop?

We decided on quartz due to the sealing issue. We have granite in our bathroom and one of the kids spilled blue toothpaste on it and now it is stained due to the counter not being sealed. I didn't want the hassle of dealing with that but knew we wanted the more formal look of granite.

What did you like about working with Swita Cabinetry?

We were very insistent on cherry for our wood and I knew the look I wanted to achieve. We previously had lighter, very plain oak cabinets. When searching for the right door, I knew what I didn't want; it was a matter of finding what I did. When I described what I was looking for, Pete was very     perceptive and able to visualize it. That is one of the benefits of working with Swita Cabinetry. Pete listens to what you want and is experienced enough to make it all happen and come together. Visiting their showroom and exploring options was also helpful. I felt that there was a passion in  Swita Cabinetry and they really wanted to make my dream kitchen a reality. When someone loves what they are doing it shows.

A kitchen is the busiest room in the home. How does your new kitchen meet the demands of a busy mom of three?

We added the extra counter space with the idea that the kids would really utilize this spot. They can come home from school and have a snack, talk about their day, start homework while I am preparing dinner. I enjoy having them close by but, still able to accomplish necessary tasks. We have space all over in our house, but the kitchen is the one spot everyone seems to congregate. I walk into my house and enjoy being in my beautiful new kitchen. Swita Cabinetry is able to deliver whatever you can dream your kitchen to be!