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Granite or Quartz. Which one is right for your kitchen?

December 07, 2016

One of the most common questions we get from folks planning to remodel their kitchen lately is which one is better, granite or quartz?

The easy answer is actually a question. We start by asking what you’re looking for in a stone countertop? If it’s unique beauty, then granite is the right one. If maintenance-free durability is the top priority, then quartz is the best choice.

Granite comes right out of the earth and is quarried from all over the globe including Brazil, India, Italy and China. It’s millions of years old and unique to its location. Infinite crystals like quartz, mica and feldspar make up granite and provide exquisite color and visual appeal. You’ll never find another slab identical to the one you put in your kitchen.  


(photo above: Golden Fantasy granite)

---If maintenance-free durability is a top priority, then quartz is the best choice.--- 

In contrast to Mother Nature’s handy work, quartz countertops are man-made. They combine natural quartz and other materials to create uniformly sized slabs that fabricators cut into specified countertop shapes. Quartz tops are commonly more consistent in pattern and color. They’ve become so popular in homes across America because they’re hard working and maintenance-free.

They never need sealing, polishing and reconditioning. Food preparation on quartz tops isn't a concern because they’re non-porous and non-absorbent. Cambria, a quartz manufacturer in Minnesota, developed a formula that closely mimics granite. So, those who want the durability and maintenance-free qualities of quartz, but also the beauty and personality of granite, can have it all with Cambria quartz that’s made right here in the USA!


+ One-of-a-kind. There won’t be another countertop like it in the neighborhood.

+ Durable.

+Scratch & heat resistant.

+Adds value to home.

+Swita Cabinetry works with fabricators that utilized a high quality, commercial grade sealant for long term wear.

-Porous. Poorly sealed counters can absorb spills, harbor bacteria and stain.

-Can crack or chip if a heavy object hits a corner just right.

-Cost. Stone can give you sticker shock if you’re unfamiliar with its pricing. Installed, it can cost from $85-200+ per square foot. Since availability impacts price, there are different price groups. Group A is less expensive than Group D countertops, which are more rare.


(photo above: granite) 


+ Maintenance free & never needs sealing, polishing or recondition.

+Non-porous & non-absorbent.

+Beauty. Cambria’s formula and process can mimic granite with deep color and richness.

+Durable & heat resistant.

+Adds value to home.

-Cost. Expect to pay $100-200 per square foot with installation. In addition to offering Cambria, Swita Cabinetry offers Silestone, Zodiaq, CaesarStone, Viatera and HanStone. Prices will vary. 

(photo below: "Brittanicca" Cambria Quartz)