Custom Cabinets

If you’re one of those quality-minded individuals who’d rather have a cabinet artisan fuss over your cabinetry than an automated assembly line that churns out orders in 15 minutes, then custom cabinetry is for you.

At Swita Cabinetry, we design our custom cabinetry to fit a specific area and purpose. We use quality materials, and make everything to reflect a particular style. Our installation, which is second to none, doesn’t rely on fillers and other quick fixes to get the job done. Our cabinets are built to last the life of your home or office.

Upper and Base Cabinets – Solid construction and dependable materials are vital. We use ¾” hardwood plywood panels, not unpredictable particle board. Construction is reinforced and interiors are fully finished. Shelves are 3/4” plywood and full-depth, adjustable and held in place by metal pins, not plastic. We offer both traditional face-frame and “European-style” frameless cabinetry.

Drawers – Hardwood drawers are dovetailed for strength and use superior undermount slides with a soft-close guide system. A hardwood front complements your choice of door styles. From oversized drawers to pull-outs, our drawers work hard and withstand heavy pots and pans, and stacks of silverware.

Doors – Hardwood doors are available in a variety of mitered or cope and stick options, and are complete with adjustable self-closing concealed hinges. Choose to have your doors with a partial overlay, full overlay or inset, making it look like traditional furniture-grade cabinetry.

Wood Species – Choice of hardwoods include, cherry, maple, hickory, birch, oak or ash. Whenever possible, we use local sustainable wood and strongly believe in utilizing other environmentally responsible materials MADE IN AMERICA.

• Finish – We offer a variety of stains and can adjust shades for perfect color matching. Swita Cabinetry uses an ultra-high performance coating system designed for kitchen, bath, household and commercial cabinets. With outstanding depth and clarity, our finish protects your woodwork from damaging chemicals and moisture. Make it uniquely yours with glazing and distressing. Glazes highlight details and create subtle impressions of elegant aging. Distressing imparts a time-honored feel with our special techniques including worm holing, peckings, chisel marks and oversanding. Paint grade colors are also available.

Decorative Hardware – Visit our showroom for matching your new cabinetry or existing cabinets to the latest options in hardware from brushed nickel and crystal knobs to oil-rubbed cup pulls and elongated stainless steel handles.

Turnings and Appliqués – Architectural elements make custom kitchens and baths stand out from the run-of-the-mill. Make it breathtaking with corbels, capitals, moldings, island posts, onlays, mantels and other woodcarvings.

Organizing SystemsSwita Cabinetry gives you smart ideas on getting organized with the latest features that make life in the kitchen and other rooms more efficient. Items you’ll want to consider include pull-out pantry shelves and recycling centers, spice racks, deep storage drawers, cookie sheet pull-outs, appliance pull-outs and drawer dividers.